SASEC Community eCenter Portal

Posted on August 28, 2013

Community eCenter (CeC) is a self sustaining shared facility providing affordable access to ICT services such as internet connected computers and fax machines for the purpose of developing rural communities.  The CeC portal website is the information gateway for those who use the CeCs and provides value contents fed from the UN, Governments, NGOs, nonprofits and other sources about agriculture, weather, jobs, training, and events.

The scope of the project was developing a sustainable business model with accessible internet service design for rural communities in Bhutan, Bangladesh, Nepal, and India. I collaborated with the international team to develop a website concept, information architecture, service requirements, and wireframes, and managed the production of prototype.



Concept Model for Knowledge Management System

Posted on August 4, 2013

Knowledge management system is widely adopted in many organizations to capture and share information to improve the productivity and quality of everyday works. This project was initiated for the purpose, but the challenge was how to create the most optimized platform that fits to the team’s specific needs and how to integrate with the existing internal resource systems.


To understand the big picture and requirements and to communicate the high-level ideas of the product with shareholders,  the Concept Model was developed and used in the early stage of the project. It allowed the team to reach the common ground in terms of the potential and scope of the project. I found that developing the concept model is specifically helpful when the project direction and scope is not clearly set and the project involves multidisciplinary team with diverse backgrounds and different level of experiences.


Through the model, the team was able to define core areas to take into considerations: 1) the contributors, 2) the knowledge to capture, 3) the knowledge aggregator, and 4) the integrated management system. As the project scope was limited to the team-based knowledge management, not a corporate-wide, with the limited budget and timeline, the first decision was to start with MVP, a minimum viable product. Through the concept model, we were able to identify the most important and viable features for the development and built the Personalized Dashboard Interface, to provide the optimized path to all the resources and systems.

Screen shot 2013-07-19 at 7.10.01 AM

DIMCHAE – Branding and Customer Service

Posted on March 28, 2013